luni, 11 februarie 2008

A doua postare (in curand o sa pierd sirul)

Pentru cei interesati si de asa ceva, o sa-mi fac un profil in stilul acela de pe site-urile de matrimoniale (adica standard, dulce si dragut (hmmmm??? oare rezist???), roz (sau rosu-pentru red light districts)). Sa incerc sa schematizez:

Nickname: Er!n (from Erinia, the goddess of fury in Latin mythology, by the way it reveals a lot about my character)

Real name: No answer. Hate to give an answer. What's the point?

Age: almost 20, I look 17.

Location: Somewhere in this fucked-up world, wish to go to a better one or at least make this one better, even if I can only add a small patch to a broken universe.

Marital status: as I have already said, single and (good) looking

Eyes: hazel to green, greyish circle round my iris (look me in the ye, honey...look deep into my eyes)

Hair: too short to be acceptable by a conservative society, too curly to be fashionable, too straight to be really curly, brown, never dyed.

Height: 1.67 metres (that's not enough :(()

Weight: 62 kg (so, I'm too fat. Or too thin. Never fitting standards.)

Here for: nothing special, just making fun of people.

Occupation: fooling around, helping others, wasting myself, bothering others with my fucked-up attitude (medical student. lol)

Favourite food: pizza, fine chocolate and what I can afford. I'm not picky.

Favourite movie: Three Colours: Blue.

Favourite quotes: "I'd rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not". " Tryong to be somebody else is a waste of the person you are."(Kurt Cobain). "Amor vincit omnia." "Carpe diem". "Excelsior". "Even the most tempting rose has its thorns."

Favourite language: English (my love)

Short description of yourself: Nay, skip this, cause it's gonna be too long. I'm a complete catastrophe, ready to step on your nerves at any time, to make you go berserk, be mad at yourself and at the world...whatever.

Asta e. Si inca ceva: urasc sa vorbesc despre mine. Intotdeauna raspund evaziv la intrebari despre viata mea personala. Sau pun si eu intrebari penibile, la randul meu. Vorbesc mult. Imi place sa fiu in centrul atentiei, chiar dac ma prefac ca-mi convine pozitia de outcast (de fapt, toata viata am fost outcast). Cam asta e....despre mine.

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