vineri, 14 mai 2010

Stealth Settings

If they could be applied in the real world, some of us would be champions, whaen it comes to invisibility, lack of availability and other stuff.
Draped in scarcely observable cloaks, they walk around us, with their double identity we could easily mistake for a MPS or that we could see as congruent and as natural as it could be, no borderline between the two.
Too bad Jekyll and Hyde split sometimes, under the influence of volatile nonexistent substances, easy to breathe in, breathe out, then send all the euphoria around, in circles emerging from one single unique centre: the being...
The I-not the evil eye, we are sooo used with, beaded in bracelets, or hanging in superb fake necklaces supposed to be beuties wear. The I. Locked in a giant capital.
Let's say the universe is expanding, just to stick with an unmovable truth. I'd say it's not. It comes closer, closer, closer...
Stealth setting, preformed, for the surprising I. Till both collapse under each other's weight, unaccepted, yet carried on.

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