luni, 12 octombrie 2009

The Closest Thing to Crazy.... have ever been? It's been today, o, happy day, after a "grasse matinee", lasting till 11 AM. You have endured their laughter and their constant teasing, properly dressed in half an uniform, then, you headed to the doctor's office, with a giant, defiant smile on your face, struggling with no success to deal with a life-threatening pain. You couldn't see any doctor, though, as he/she was closing. So, you went home instead, where the fresh potatoes were eagerly waiting for you to cook and eat them. So, you decided to fulfill their destiny, by placing them inside a small pot and covering them with a transparent, classy lid, after you had drowned them in water. Merciful and kind-hearted as you are, you left them alone on the cooker, went on a date with your PC, then, had a long conversation on the phone. As you heard the turmoil in the kitchen, you started to worry. There must have happened a catastrophe, all right. More precisely, a huge flood, on the floor, on the cupboard, and on your spotless cooker, threatening to extinguish the weak flame.

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