duminică, 9 noiembrie 2008

Here we are now...

...entertain us/Hello, hello, hello, how low can we get? I mean, man, how can the world go down at such a speed rate, that it makes me dizzy enought to fall off this earth... Not literaly, of course, just for theatrical reasons, for you, my spectators, to be entertained (yawn, long and heavily sustained by sound).
All I want to say to you is...hmmm...I forgot...let me think about that...(scratching head)...Ahhh...I remember: Welcome to my show, ladies and gentlemen. Please be seated and quiet while attending it. OK? Have you heard that? PLEASE BE SEATED AND QUIET!!!!
Under no circumstances shall you leave the hall! Or else! You'll be shot in the head!!!
Wait until 9 PM! Heard that? Wait (silence period)Wait!! What in the world is happening at 9 PM? A simple answer shall I give to this question, which, by the way, is troubling only me this moment.
Well, well, well...Guess what ? My show's ending then. Still, you can leave after the break. I don't need any of your hand claps. I needn't finish the show, either, if I think better. I'll go on a date with one of the most ragged, slipshod, tired and sick of work young man that has ever lived on the planet. In case you want to vent your anger on him, I won't tell his name. Sure thing, you'll find it out yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. Now, stop and listen to a story I feel a deep urge to tell you a story about...
Tell me what! About another man in my life that has come to an end. Finally. (sobbing) No, it's not about me, I'm not dying, calm down. If you wanted to buy yourself a new pair of mourning mits, that you could latere match with your used evening dress, then, you haven't heard about the right funeral.
Anyway, he's not dead either, if you thought of that...he's alive, well and heavily entertained by female companions (frown).
That's why I became everybody's entertainer. So I could find...er...hmmm...happiness.
Which shall never come into his hopefully short and painful existence. Tormented by drugs and longing for a hot woman, while having all the cold ones as often as he has cold drinks in cheap restaurants. Well, I'm satisfied he couldn't have a woman like me, no matter how hard had he tried.
Every now and then, we used to fall apart. Don't you dare to think of sex scenes! If they were there, they weren't really made up for your pervert brains, ladies and gentlemen! If they weren't, you needn't invent them, either, only to please yourself.
So, as I said, it' s over. It must have been nothing, but it's over now!
So,leave the room as fast as you can, or I'm gonna get you good!
Bye, bye, members of my audience! See ya soon!

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